Want to join to compete with other writers for fun, glory, bragging rights, prizes and a good cause? Great! That is what we like to hear.

The Rule for Joining

We only accept original characters so you cannot create a copy of a real professional wrestler. Here is what we will need.

Your name:

Your Email Address:

Social Media Profile: (optional, it will be published if you choose to share it. (this is mainly for authors and wrestlers))

Character Info:

Wrestler name: (Remember, it must be original)





Signature Moves: (Moves that your wrestler excels at. For example: Cena’s 5 moves of doom)

Move Arsenal: (List the wrestlers whose moveset they most conform to. If they have a mixture of moves from more than one wrestler, that is fine. List as many wrestlers as you want to give us an idea of how to write your matches.)

Unlike most promotions, we aren’t looking for a specific set of moves. Just a style.

Unlike a lot of promotions, we have our own system. While resurrecting Fantasy Wrestling as a “sport” we are changing the rules to the game. Updating them so to speak. So along with not asking for a moveset, but rather a few names of those whose styles they mimic, we will also not be asking if your wrestler is a face or a heel. That is… a good guy… or a bad guy. Rather, it will be up to you to get that across in your roleplays. Putting a label on a wrestler that a player may not stick to just breaks down the wall of realism. So don’t tell us what you are… show us.

Entrance Music: Every wrestler enters to a song. What does your wrestler come out to?

And finally, your entrance. Write out your entrance as you imagine it happening. This will pretty much be a copy and paste for our writers unless something happens during your entrance or you specify an alternate entrance.

Copy and paste this info if you want to join and this isn’t replaced by a form. Eventually, it will be.

Starting date for the promotion will likely be in March of 2019. Get your application in now to secure your spot on the roster in time for our initial show and tournament.

Email all information to