What Fantasy Wrestling IS

Fantasy Wrestling is a game that pits players against each other in a writing competition. Each player creates a character under the guise of a professional wrestler. They bring those characters to life competing against each other while creating their character’s careers. In other words, these characters are not meant for One-Off events.

The fantasy wrestling promoter who runs whatever efed (electronic federation aka promotion) that they are in, then books (organizes) a card (series of matches that are to take place on the same date). The players view the card to find out who they are facing for a particular event. If the promotion has 1 show per week, then they would see who they are against and then roleplay against that other player. Things are kept in character so not to be taken personally.

After deadlines are over, all roleplaying ceases. Judges read each roleplay and use a scoring system to determine who wins. The match writers then start writing the matches. When the entire show is done, it is pieced together and posted for all participants to enjoy and find out their results.

Fantasy Wrestling promotions typically have titles that writers compete for and the winner defends until he loses it. Like professional wrestling, this game goes on for years until a player decides that he wants to retire a character or just leave the particular promotion he is in.

Beyond just competition, most participants that start doing this form of entertainment create bonds with fellow competitors that last a lifetime.